Writing Portfolio



(1) The portfolio due date is Friday, March 1, before 4:00 p.m. EST.    Note: This is a firm deadline; late submissions are not accepted. 

(2) Submit your portfolio using this online form.   Note: We can only accept electronic submissions, and they must be submitted via this form. 

(3) Submit your portfolio as a PDF and please name your file as follows: Lastname_Firstname (example: Roberts_Bob).

Remember that the Writing Portfolio requires three different kinds of essays.  You can use essays from courses and/or essays that you write from scratch.  Just make sure that your essays are good fits for the three categories.  For more information about this graduation requirement, please visit the Writing Portfolio website, where you’ll find a handy set of FAQs and important policies and procedures

For additional information, please view this video of our Zoom-delivered Portfolio Information Session from spring 2022.

The Writing Portfolio carries one credit hour of credit, designated as CR on the transcript when the requirement has been satisfied.